Virusroomescape was born from my need to create something of my own that would motivate me. A personal and professional project that I was excited about.

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After studying for a degree in business administration and management and later doing an MBA, I had several options on the table, but I decided to go and work in the family business. Although it was not by far the most motivating thing for me at the time, my concern for the family business drove me to try to change the situation.

A person like me is easily motivated, but if you clip the wings it can also have the opposite effect, and that’s what I found for two years. Generational changes are difficult, very difficult, and I found it impossible to be allowed to take the lead.

After a lot of nonsense and due to the things of life, one day we went to play an escape room in Barcelona at the end of 2016. We discovered a whole world and with the phrase “with €10,000 we can set one up” it all began. Several factors came together over the following months that allowed us to carry out the plan, and in 2018 Virus Room Escape was born with our first game Can Farigola. Who would have said that that game made with so much enthusiasm would be such a small project compared to some of today’s monsters, but we were happy and, day by day, we were learning and improving the room with the sole purpose of providing a better experience session after session.


Everything was going well… and no… inside my head, the machinery was turning on again a few months after opening Can Farigola. A crazy idea crossed our minds, but we knew it was impossible and we didn’t want to turn to banks. We had to put our feet on the ground, gather experience and wait.

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And it was time to present our second project in May 2019, TAO, a Japanese massage centre. It was an opportunity to show what we had learnt about the sector during this time, it was a theme that had not existed until now and that caught our attention.

Right now we have Velatoria Escape Experience in our hands. It has been a difficult year, and it will be even more difficult, but we don’t want to stop offering experiences to all of you, as many of you have supported us from the very beginning. We have new ideas that we will not hesitate to let go when the time comes, believe me that if it were up to me, we would offer you one experience after another, always with the aim of improving the previous one, in any case time will tell, now is the time to stay at home and reflect on everything.


It only remains for us to thank all the people who in one way or another have collaborated in this project, which was born almost two years ago, and who have always supported us.

Thank you and see you soon.

Yours sincerely,

logo_virus_negre_h100 Sr. Farigola & Matsumoto San & ???