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🍃 Can Farigola

Versions for Adults, Families and Kids (with monitor)

Challenge for brave and good deciphers

A small town thriller

Mystery, enigmas and tension

We are waiting for you!

⛩ Tao Room Escape

With family, friends, friends from work, ... for the little piece of Japan in Calella.

Challenge for the intrepid and the sharp minded

Traditional Japanese massage

Tradition, secrets and adrenaline

We are waiting for you!

⚰ Velatoria Escape Experience

A special and different adventure

A macabre experience to die for laughter

Adventure wherever you are

Portable, macabre, spectacular

We are waiting for you!

Virus Room Escape

picto logo Virus Room Escape Virus is a young and dynamic company with a vocation for leisure, focused on the search for different escape rooms, with our own vision of entertainment, surprise and challenge.

And not only in the creation and construction of room escapes, but in more and more activities that we are expanding and that we will be informing you about on this website, our blog and other channels.

Since 2017 growing, our latest branch Virus Factory, aims to open one more option to share our experience and passion, the Escape Room. We offer you a safe way to start your own business.

At Virus Room Escape we care about your health

Our facilities are adapted to the highest health and safety standards


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logo can farigola madera

A challenge for people who like mysteries, tension and suspense.

The Rent

of the warehouse of a village shop by a laboratory.

A debt

The laboratory accumulates many months of unpaid rent.

Suspicious activities

We have photographs that abnormal things are happening in the warehouse.

An intriguing formula

They seem to have invented something amazing


A desperate owner

Justice is slow and Mr. Farigola can’t stand the situation any longer.

3 versions of the game, for everyone!

Adult Version

Can Farigola versión Kids

Kids Version

Can Farigola versión Familias

Families Version

Our Philosophy


To treasure positive and satisfying experiences of all the escapists who pass through our rooms.


We take great care in everything related to decoration. We make a continuous effort in the setting, progress and technical issues, as well as safety in all our games.


We are always looking for ideas, approaches and new stories that will surprise everyone.

Attention to detail

From the initial plot to the script, the characterisation of the characters and all kinds of details are what make a good story.


Virus Room Escape

is pleased to present you our room

Tao Japanese Massage Center

Awarded in the 2020 Awards as the 2nd best original Room in Spain!

And ranked by Terpeca, Top Espcape Rooms Project, as the 20th room in the world!

logo Tao Room Escape

Mmm… an Escape Room in a massage centre?


“The bathroom is a bit shabby, but the services have nothing to do with it”.

– A famous geysha in the bathroom

A piece of Japan in Calella

– A fantastic setting! see testimonials and reviews

“Now a bath and for Tao, a massage and a romantic dinner”

– Couple in their bathroom

Terpeca clasificación de Tao como sala número 20 del mundo

See what people think of our rooms

Our third game is now available!

Características juego Velatoria Escape Experiece

At Velatoria Escape Experience we offer you two possibilities:

  • Portable version: to play it wherever you have any kind of celebration or event.
  • Room Version: to play it in a traditional way

In any case, the gameplay is more macabre than ever!

logo Virus Factory

Do you want to get started in the world of Escape Room?

Guidance and advice, original designs and scripts, programming of test devices, adaptability to your project

Make your business profitable with our experience and professionals.

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Book now in any of our rooms

Discover our games

Different adventures



Attention to detail

Logo de Can Farigola Room Escape
logo Tao Room Escape
Logo Velatoria Escape Experience

Have fun, take the challenge!

logo Can Farigola

Can Farigola

Mystery, intrigue and suspense.

Versions for Adults, Families and Kids (with monitor).

logo Tao Room Escape

Tao Japanese Massage

Tension, adrenaline and fun.

Versions for Adults and Families.

Logo Velatoria Escape Experience

Velatoria Escape experience

Portable/Room, macabre, spectacular.

Adult version (+16).

Logo El Impostor Escapista, City Room Escape

The Escapist Imposter

Research, brutal and massive.

Version for cities, companies, schools, open-air or enclosed spaces.

logo Virus Factory

Do you want to set up your own Escape Room?

You may be starting from scratch, or you may have your own premises, in any case, don’t hesitate, call us or fill in the form without obligation and we will inform you about the whole process of creating your own Escape Room.

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If you are interested in any of our services, have any questions or would like to work with us, please write to us.