🍃 Can Farigola

Versions for Adults, Families and Kids (with monitor)

Challenge for brave and good deciphers

A small town thriller

Mystery, enigmas and tension

We are waiting for you!

🙌 Tao Room Escape

Adult or Family version, and Kids (with monitor)

A massage? Enjoy for a while?

Traditional Japanese massage

Tradition, secrets and adrenaline

We are waiting for you!

💀 Velatoria Escape Experience

A special and different adventure

A macabre experience to die for laughter

Adventure wherever you are

Portable, macabre, spectacular

We are waiting for you!

👾 Metaversia

A digital and action adventure for everyone

Challenge for quick and risky minds

Adrenaline rush

Action, team, original

We wait for you!

Virus Room Escape

picto logo Virus Room Escape Virus is a young and dynamic company with a vocation for leisure, focused on the search for different escape rooms, with our own vision of entertainment, surprise and challenge.

And not only in the creation and construction of room escapes, but in more and more activities that we are expanding and that we will be informing you about on this website, our blog and other channels.

Since 2017 growing, our latest branch Virus Factory, aims to open one more option to share our experience and passion, the Escape Room. We offer you a safe way to start your own business.

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