Can Farigola

A small-town thriller where only the most skilled will be able to decipher the enigmas and mysteries of this plot of abuse, corruption and unexpected twists and turns.

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You have been summoned to carry out a peculiar assignment, a discreet team with espionage skills is needed

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The owner of a small village shop has not been paid for more than 2 years the rent for the warehouse by the laboratory that rented it.

The company is one of the most renowned laboratories in the country, and they justify their non-payment by stating that they are waiting to launch a new drug, and that they will soon make the payment.

The landlord, tired of waiting, having tried the legal route without results, has opted for a quicker and more effective method: hiring a specialised group to infiltrate their premises and betray the tenants!


Will you succeed?

We have prepared 3 versions of Can Farigola​,

depending on your team

Enter an intrepid adventure full of mysteries where not everything is what it seems… be ready to help Mr. Farigola… with all the consequences! with all the consequences!
Mysteries to solve with the whole family! Over 8 years old accompanied by adults you can solve all the enigmas of Can Farigola, in a version adapted for all audiences.
Birthdays and celebrations are the ideal occasion to come and help Mr. Farigola!
Exclusive groups for the new adventurers at home (from 8 to 12 years old).
Help Mr. Farigola to solve all his problems, accompanied at all times by his assistant!

Fun times are guaranteed for everyone!

* When you make your reservation you can choose which version of Can Farigola you want.


Fear level [0-5]:


Level of Difficulty [0-5]:


Agility Level [0-5]:



80 minutes

Adapted for people with reduced mobility


Habilidades: lógica



Habilidades: conocimiento



Habilidades: capacidad resolutiva


Resolving Capacity

Habilidades: agilidad



Habilidades: trabajo en equipo



Habilidades: coordinación



Put you to the test!

Choose your team and accept the Mission

Your Team


Bring your team of 2 to 7 persons

Colleagues at work

Finish the hardest days with those who accompany you every day

Family members

Have a great time with siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents!

With the in-laws

If you like them, and if you don’t… you’ll like them too.


A romantic moment… or not


Come with whoever you want!

Come and play with your Dog

Have a good time with your best friend

El Sr. Farigola con su perro en brazos

If you are accompanied by your pet, you have to take into account that the tension level of the game will adapt, lowering it.

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Salas accesibles para gente con movilidad reducida

All Virus Room Escape rooms are adapted, and some of the games are suitable for people with reduced mobility.

Have fun, take the challenge!

Come and play with us!

A way to have a good time with your friends, your pet and your wits.

Make the most of the day in Arenys. Enjoy a nice walk along the beach, a good meal, and… a good game!

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Can Farigola

Mystery, intrigue and suspense.

Versions for Adults, Families and Kids (with monitor).

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Tao Japanese Massage

Tension, adrenaline and fun.

Versions for Adults and Families.

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Velatoria Escape experience

Portable/Room, macabre, spectacular.

Adult version (+16).

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The Escapist Imposter

Research, brutal and massive.

Version for cities, companies, schools, open-air or enclosed spaces.

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