Can Farigola

Can Farigola Escape Room. Virus.A small-town thriller where only the most skilled will be able to decipher the enigmas and mysteries of this plot of abuse, corruption and unexpected twists and turns.


Can Farigola Escape Room. VirusroomEscape. Premio logo 10escapes. Top 102 Nacional España.
Can Farigola Escape Room. VirusroomEscape. Premio logo 10escapes. Top 49 Regional Catalunya.

You have been summoned to carry out a peculiar assignment; a discreet team with espionage qualities is required.

Adult Version:

Welcome to Can Farigola, a humble village shop. Its owner, Mr. Farigola, has the best products in the region, including some of dubious legality. Recently, he has started a new “alternative” business, and things haven’t gone very well. Will you be able to help him? Get ready for a comedic adventure with moments of tension and adrenaline!

Family and Kids Version:

Mr. Farigola needs you! Violeta, his great aunt, has fallen ill and requires a special medicine for her recovery. Dr. Giró is the only one who knows how to make this medicine. Will you be able to convince him? By fair means or foul?

Fun moments guaranteed for everyone!

Theme: Mystery/Comedy

Difficulty: 3/5

Agility: 2/5

Duration: 80min

Players: 2-7

Suitable for pregnant women


  • Adults/Families
  • Kids (+20€ Monitor)
Can Farigola Escape Room. Virus Room Escape. Tabla de precios.

* When making the reservation you can choose which version of Can Farigola you want.

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El Sr. Farigola con su perro en brazos

If you are accompanied by your pet, you have to take into account that the tension level of the game will adapt, lowering it.

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All Virus Room Escape rooms are adapted in some tests for people with reduced mobility.

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logo Can Farigola

Can Farigola

Mystery, intrigue and suspense.

Versions for Adults, Families and Kids (with monitor).

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