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Do you want to get started in the world of Escape Room?

Guidance and advice, original designs and scripts, programming of widgets for the tests, adaptability to your project.

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Welcome to Virus Factory, he branch of virusroomescape where we want to put our knowledge of the sector at your service.

We have been part of the escape room world since 2017 and we are constantly growing, making our projects from scratch.

We want to offer you our experience and knowledge for the creation of your escape room.

Ventajas que ofrece Virus Factory

Unpublished stories

We create your story from scratch

From Gamers to Owners

We know the sector in depth

The basis of the project

We adapt to your needs

Development and Originality

We design the most appropriate tests for your business, 100% original!

From start to finish

We guide you through the whole construction process

Experiencia de Virus Factory

4 games designed and developed from scratch

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Togetherness makes the challenge

During 2020, after creating a route of 4 incredible escape rooms with different themes, we proposed the challenge of overcoming it. With 2 finalists and a special prize.

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Escape Experience Portable!!

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2 rooms built by us

Plot, script, game design, location, room construction, creation and programming of our own electronics for the tests, decoration, …

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Sala Tao galardonada como 2ª mejor sala original de España
Puntuación de Tao Room Escape de Sinroombo

Consistently high scores and satisfied escapists

Blog rating Sinroombo

Posted on Instagram on 07/12/20

Terpeca clasificación de Tao como sala número 20 del mundo




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Do you want to create your own Escape Room?

Contact us and get information without obligation. We take care of the entire creation process. We are by your side from start to finish.

 Make your business profitable with our experience and professionals

The 3 departments that will boost your Escape Room

Game Design

  • Design from scratch
  • Original scripts
  • Environment and decoration
  • Game and Game Master’s Guide

Advice and Guidance

  • Analysis and guidance on start-up premises
  • Design and development of the business
  • Optimisation and reuse of resources
  • From the start to the start-up of the room


  • Analysis and proposal of automations and ingenuities for the game
  • Analysis and quotation of components and installations
  • Design and testing phase
  • Installation and maintenance guide

Gamer’s Reviews

Virus Factory


Contact us

Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be pleased to help and advise you from the very first moment.

We will get back to you as soon as possible for the first exchange of information.


 A new adventure can begin, from a different perspective of the game.

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logo Can Farigola

Can Farigola

Mystery, intrigue and suspense.

Versions for Adults, Families and Kids (with monitor).

logo Tao Room Escape

Tao Japanese Massage

Tension, adrenaline and fun.

Versions for Adults and Families.

Logo Velatoria Escape Experience

Velatoria Escape experience

Portable/Room, macabre, spectacular.

Adult version (+16).

Logo El Impostor Escapista, City Room Escape

The Escapist Imposter

Research, brutal and massive.

Version for cities, companies, schools, open-air or enclosed spaces.

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Do you want to set up your own Escape Room?

You may be starting from scratch, or you may have your own premises, in any case, don’t hesitate, call us or fill in the form without obligation and we will inform you about the whole process of creating your own Escape Room.

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If you are interested in any of our services, have any questions or would like to work with us, please write to us.