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Here is our short but eventful timeline

February, 2018

🍃 Start Virus Room Escape, with Can Farigola

Opening of the first escape room of Virus Room Escape in Arenys de Mar, Can Farigola, a first project carried out with great enthusiasm, although for us it was something secondary at the time. We didn’t have any experience in the sector either and it was a complicated start.


Virusroomescape was born from my need to create something of my own that would motivate me. A personal and professional project that I was excited about.

… Several factors came together over the following months that allowed us to carry out the plan, and in 2018 Virus Room Escape was born with our first game Can Farigola.


We begin to delve into the world of escapism

We started to get into the world of escapism, meeting interesting people and projects. This, added to the good opinions we heard day after day from people leaving Can Farigola, encouraged us to create a second idea… and although we didn’t want it to be just another room, we thought we could do something original and fun…

  • Expertise 90% 90%

Expertise and projects

July, 2019

2º Finished project: Tao Room Escape

logo Tao Room Escape
construyendo Tao con amor

⛩  Tao, to all of you with much love

As we had promised ourselves, we presented our new project, Tao, an escape room set in a Japanese massage centre. Why? Well, because there was no Japanese theme in Spain, because we loved the theme and because we believed that there would be an audience that would love it, so we started our second project with more enthusiasm than ever… unfortunately 2020 did not come our way, neither for us, nor for many… Covid-19 was a difficult adversary to beat as it meant closing most of the year, and when we were open we were working 50% of the time.

July, 2019

Start of the Route All in Escapes 🃏

Beginning of the All in Escapes route, together with the rooms Exitus, TimeSkp, Enredados and Can Farigola.

Logo All in Escapes

Ruta All in Escapes

logo Tao Room Escape

⛩ Tao Japanese Massage Center

Finally, on 17 September 2020, we were able to inaugurate Tao. A room that was soon going to bring us a lot of joy and surprised faces of people when finishing the game, these things are what help us to keep on creating.

November, 2020

Announcement of the third Virus game

We announce Velatoria, the third project. The pandemic brought us very bad news, but it also brought us good news… the relationship that we established with Xavi, and the dead hours during the months prior to the inauguration of Tao made us think about a third game, this time with a different format. From November onward we started to design and manufacture it, although we went at the pace we could as it was difficult to coincide with our schedules.

Logo Velatoria Escape Experience

Velatoria Escape Experience

logo Virus Factory

Virus Factory 🏭

We add “Virus Factory” to our list of services. From now on we offer our knowledge of the sector to anyone who needs it.

January, 2021

We include Virus Factory to our services

August, 2021

Award winners at the 2020 Awards

We received the award as the second most original venue in Spain with Tao, we couldn’t be happier.

Premio y nominaciones de Tao Awards 21

Tao Room Escape

2nd most original room in Spain

and nominated for

Best tests

Best experience

September, 2021

New project: Outdoor Escape

logo Impostor Escapista City Room Escape negro

For cities, companies, schools, open-air or delimited spaces.

The options are limitless!

Impostor fondo pared pista dactilar

Game 4th: “The Escapist Impostor”

Due to an unexpected assignment, we were given the option of creating a special game for town councils, so in a month and a half we developed what would finally be our fourth game “The escapist impostor”, with which we carried out the first test in Pineda de Mar.

Logo Velatoria Escape Experience

Velatoria Escape Experience

After overcoming all imaginable difficulties, we were satisfied with Velatoria.

A totally different game, to play in a room and wherever there is a celebration or event, in other words, portable! With a macabre theme and a lot of fun.

With some very cool tests and a very good feeling in all the tests and trials.

November, 2021

Inauguration of Velatoria Escape Experience, portable and in room!

Juego portàtil Velatoria Escape Experience

December, 2021

Terpeca ranks Tao as the world’s 20th largest room!

Terpeca clasificación de Tao como sala número 20 del mundo
logo Tao Room Escape

Tao Room Escape awarded again!

And to end the year like kings, Terpeca (Top Escape Rooms Project Enthusiasts Choice Award), classifies Tao Room Escape as the 20th room in the world.

Pride, satisfaction and gratitude to all the escapists who have visited us and said that you enjoyed the piece of Japan in Calella.

Thank you very much and congratulations!

Satisfacción al recibir primer premio Giba a la sala más original

Tao blows it up!

Room Tao Japanese Massage Center awarded again with the First Special Prize for Originality by Giba.

Joy and thankfulness are coming out of the pores of our whole body!

icono cara sonriente

Since we opened Tao Room Escape, the opinions of escapists, scores, rankings, have been spectacular.

The fact that we have received up to **3 awards** reinforces our determination to continue offering our vision of entertainment and fun.

We will insist on research, development and creativity to continue surprising and offering new games, challenges and services.

Thanks and a big hug to all of you!

21 January, 2022

Giba escape room awards us the 1st Special Prize for Originality

Sala Tao premiada por Giba como primer premio especial a la originalidad

Soon you will have more news about Tao,

new challenges, …

Always moving forward, always innovating

Logo Virus Room Escape

Specialists in Escape Experiences

logo Can Farigola

Can Farigola

Mystery, intrigue and suspense.

Versions for Adults, Families and Kids (with monitor).

logo Tao Room Escape

Tao Japanese Massage

Tension, adrenaline and fun.

Versions for Adults and Families.

Logo Velatoria Escape Experience

Velatoria Escape experience

Portable/Room, macabre, spectacular.

Adult version (+16).

Logo El Impostor Escapista, City Room Escape

The Escapist Imposter

Research, brutal and massive.

Version for cities, companies, schools, open-air or enclosed spaces.

logo Virus Factory

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