Sanitary measures

All sanitary measures and conditions for the rooms and games of Virus Room Escape

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Virus Room Escape has adopted all the measures recommended by the health authorities, in addition to the conditions and rules of use of our rooms and games.

In Virus Room Escape we understand that these rules are mandatory, not only for the compliance of health regulations, but for the common good of all. And that compliance with them does not alter the expectations of the game and, with a little care, we can still have fun.


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complies with the following measures for the safety of you and our employees:

icono ventilación


All rooms are ventilated before and after each session.

icono desinfectante


We disinfect all rooms using approved disinfectants.

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We manage waste according to legally established protocols.

iconos protocolos sanitarios


We apply health protocols. Follow our instructions.


ESCAPISTS must comply with the following measures for your safety and the safety of our workers:

icono mascarilla blanca


Access the venue with the mask and wear it during the game.

icono gel hidroalcohólico


Disinfect your hands with hydroalcoholic gel.

icono distancia seguridad


Try to keep a safe distance from the game master.

icono game master

Game Master

Comply with all the particular instructions of your game master.

icono expulsión de sala

Failure to comply with any of these rules will result in termination of the game and expulsion from the team.


icono de fiebre alta


You cannot play if you have a fever (+37.5°C) and/or symptoms of Covid-19.

icono no usar el baño


Use of the toilet is not allowed, except in case of force majeure.

icono expulsión de sala


Any misconduct (removing the mask, spitting, etc.) will result in termination of the game and expulsion from the team.

la gestión del tiempo en Virus es muy importante


 Since the beginning of the pandemic at Virus Room Escape we have increased the time between bookings or game shifts to 2:30h, in order to have enough time to apply all the sanitary measures.

On the other hand, we must insist on the punctuality of the teams that come to play in our halls, as 10 minutes at the beginning and after each game are used to check that all health measures are complied with. In addition to not affecting subsequent bookings.

This regulation is not intended in any way to replace the general recommendations of the competent administrations, but rather to comply with them and adapt them to the particularities of the Escape Rooms sector.

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