I want to come to Virus, but will it scare me
No, it is not an escape room from terror, although there may be moments of tension coming from the stage.
Can people with claustrophobia participate?
Yes, the game has enough space to move freely and, in case of anxiety, players will find emergency buttons to leave the room at any time.
I've never done any room escape, can I do this one?
Of course, the escape room is designed for experienced people and beginners. In case you can not progress in the game, you can always ask for clues.
How long does the escape room take?
The test is designed to overcome it in 80 minutes. But keep in mind that 10 minutes will be allocated before the game starts and 10 minutes later.
In what languages can I escape from the room?
In Catalan, Spanish and we are working in the English version.
Can minors participate?
The escape room is designed for people over 18 years and without age limit, because the game includes moments of tension and suspense.
We have also created a version for children between 8 and 12 years, which changes both the story and the purpose of the game. And we have include the character of Farigola's apprentice to offer a guide in order to reduce the stress.

How many people can come to the game?
The teams must be 2 to 7 people maximum. If you were more people, you should book two sessions separately. The main reason is that being a teamwork game, if there are too many players would mean that some of them won't have the chance to do enough puzzles. In this way, everyone participates.

What is the price of the activity?
Adults reservation
  • 2 people = € 60 (€ 34 / per person)
  • 3 people = € 75 (€ 25 / per person)
  • 4 people = € 80 (€ 20 / per person)
  • 5 people = € 90 (€ 18 / per person)
  • 6 people = € 102 (€ 17 / per person)
  • 7 people = € 119 (€ 17 / per person)

Kids reservation
  • 4 children: € 100 (€ 20 / child)
  • 5 children: € 110 (€ 20 / child)
  • 6 children: € 120 (€ 20 / child)
  • 7 children: € 140 (€ 20 / child)
  • 8 children: € 160 (€ 20 / child)

How do I book?
Log in the booking page on our website Adults Reservation or Kids Reservation, where you can select the day and time zone you want to arrive (between 10: 00h and 22: 00h, divided into 2 hours shift between them). There you must enter personal data and select the number of players on your team. Finally, to complete the process, you will be redirected to Sabadell bank payment platform. Once the payment is made, you will receive an email confirming the reservation.
Can I book by phone or email?
No, the only way to book is through our website Adults Reservation or Kids Reservation, it's the most dynamic option to arrange reservations and know at all times what hours are available.
Can I change the time of my reservation?
Yes. However, you must change it 72 hours before the time you reserved and you will have to communicate it by email or phone.
We have reserved for x people but finally we will be more, what should we do?
There is no problem as long as you don’t exceed the maximum number of 7 participants. People who want to add to the team, will pay in cash once the activity is over.
The day of the activity, do I have to bring the booking confirmation?
No, you will only have to remember your key word, chosen by you at the time of reservation.
What happens if we are late?
Punctuality is very important for us, since we have a programmed reservation system and the delays are detrimental to the other groups. But in Virus, we give you 10 minutes leeway; one exceeded the time it will be subtracted to the time activity until 30 minutes, then the reservation will be cancelled.
What if a player cannot come?
It doesn’t matter, reservations are no named, Just have to find someone to replace the player!

I have an unspecified question on the web
Send an email to info@virusroomescape.com and get back you as soon as possible.
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