Welcome to the village of Arenys de Mar!

We would love you to come and spend a day at our home, besides coming to visit us at the room escape ! so, we want to make a quick guide to get you to know our town!

First of all, you have to know that Arenys de Mar is a town about 16,000 inhabitants, located 40Kms. of Barcelona (N-II) with access, both by highway (C-32), and with Renfe's commuter trains (R1 and RG1).

For those who come from outside with their own vehicle you have to know that you can park close to the room escape ( Riera, the main street) in a blue area where the price is € 1.40/h.

The sunrises and sunsets near the sea, from any of the hills that surround Arenys, are spectacular.

vista d'Arenys des de el turó del cementiri
vaixell sortint del port d'Arenys envoltat de gavines

Our fishermen bring us fresh fish every day.

Beware of Saturdays! In the morning we have a weekly market and it's difficult to find parking. Of course, it's worthing to walk along the market, you can find everything.

vista aèria de la riera d'Arenys amb puestos del mercat
vista interior del mercat municipal d'Arenys

And every day you can buy the best products from our farmers. All a local assortment that you must discover.

Price and quality, go to the Market! ... you will find the best deal.

This image has a lot to do with those that follow it ...

una pila de caixes de fusta al moll, què tenen escrites: peix fresc d'Arenys
cassola d'arròs de llamàntol

As I said, there is nothing better than having the best fundamental elements.

With any of the products that arrive in these boxes, a frying pan and a little salt, everything is good.

But, of course, if we also have a selection of restaurants and bars to make fresh fish tapas ... with sun and a cool drink.

What can we tell you? You're late. Well, don't worry, Virus Room Escape we will always have the best suggestions with an special treatment for the adventurers of Can Farigola!

paella de fideuà
retaule fusta de l'església de Santa Maria del Mar

We are proud of having an unique piece of art, such as the altarpiece of the church of Santa María del Mar, don’t leave our village without visiting it

Also you can take an architectural tour, finding buildings from the late seventeenth century, through the influence of the Indians, to modernism.

As well as historical sites of the civil war: hiding places, shelters, bunkers ... and writers, teachers’ homes, ...

And as the rest of the Catalan towns... we have Human towers and “sardanes”, typical Catalan dance!

castellers a la plaça de l'església
parc de Can Jalpi

You can spend the day in the park of Can Jalpí:

There are a lot of activities, the swings, a castle with a beautiful pond with turtles, ducks, and fish ...

Restaurant and bar with terrace.

The corners and the views are endless.

Close to sea and mountain

The routes for walking, hiking or excursions will make you enjoy this environment.

vista des de Portimar
focs de Sant Joan, des de la platja

And for the main festival, one of the best pyrotechnic shows in the country.

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