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Virus Room Escape will apply the following rules to its rooms in accordance with the new conditions imposed by Covid-19. These are in addition to the existing ones, which can be consulted at Politics and Conditions.

Failure to comply with any of these rules will result in the termination of the game and expulsion from the team.

At Virus Room Escape we understand that these rules are mandatory, not only for compliance with health regulations, but for the common good of all. And that the compliance of the same does not alters the expectations of the game and, with a little care, we can get back to having fun.

Thanks for your collaboration, we are waiting for you!

Sanitary conditions to access the facilities

Measures for Customers

Access the premises with the mask and wear it during the game.

Try to keep a safe distance de seguridad from the game master.

Disinfect your hands with hydroalcoholic gel.

Please fill in all the particular indications of your game master.

Measures for Virus Room Escape

icona pot espray desinfectant

We disinfect the room using approved disinfectant products.

icona ventilació

We ventilate the facilities after each session.

We manage waste according to legally established protocols.

We apply the health protocols. Follow our instructions.


You can't play if you have a fever (+37,5°C) and/or there are symptoms of the Covid-19.

It is not allowed to use the bathroom, except in case of force majeure.

Any inappropriate behavior (taking off the mask, spitting, etc.), will result in the termination of the game and expulsion from the team.

These regulations are in no way intended to replace the general recommendations of the The aim is not to complicate and adapt them to the particularities of the Escape Rooms sector.

Virus Room Escape

About us

Virus is a young and dynamic company with an entertainment-oriented vocation, focused on the search of Room Escape differents, with our personal vision of entertainment, surprise and challenge.

And not only in the creation and construction of room escapes, but in more activities that we will inform you about in this website and our networks.

rètol fusta Can Farigola
A rent

of a warehouse by a laboratory

A debt

The laboratory accumulates many months of rent.

imatge d'un laboratori destrossat
Suspicious activities

We have photographs that abnormal things happen in the store.

vial amb la nova fórmula d'oci
A mysterious formula

Spread the word that they are developing anything that will change everything.

anunci Sr. Farigola demanant ajuda
A desperate owner

Justice is slow, and Mr. Farigola can no longer tolerate the situation.

icona probeta plena de líquid amb els pictos de virus

Our Formulation

To gather

Attract positive experiences and satisfactions of all the escapators that pass through our rooms.


We are always looking for ideas, approaches, and new stories that surprise everybody.

Decoration / Atmosphere

We care about the decoration. We make continuous effort in the environment, advances and technical questions, as well as security in all games.

Attention to detail

From the initial argument to the script, characterization of the characters and all kinds of details are those that make a good story.

imatge de canyes de bambú en grisos
picto de Virus Room EscapeVirus is pleased to announce ...

the arrival of the Tao family

in our facilities.

A family deeply rooted in the history of the country of the rising sun, and the millennial tradition of body massages and welfare.

If you want to benefit from their ancestral techniques do not wait, the facilities are ready for you to enjoy them.

icona temple amb el logo de Tao icona bol preparació té icona tetera i taçes té
logo Velatoria
icona calavera

We are pleased to announce our third game!

Velatoria Escape Experience

A portable escape room for 4 to 10 players, with more macabre gameplay than ever!

icona ok zombi Coming soon!

Book now in any of our rooms

Discover our games

  • Different adventures
  • Ambience
  • Staging
  • Atención a los detalles

Have fun, accept the challenge!

If all the hours are occupied and you want to book, you can call, in case there is any cancellation or change of time, to the phone: reserves

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