Faq's - Doubts about the games and the functioning of the rooms

I want to come to Virus, but will it scare me?
No, it is not an escape from terror, although there may be moments of tension arising from the setting in the case of Can Farigola for Adults. And in the case of Tao, not at all. Tao is a unique and fun experience where the aim of the game is to multiply the smiles!.
Can people with claustrophobia participate?
Yes, the rooms have enough space to be able to move freely, moreover in case of anxiety the players will find some emergency buttons to go out at any time.
I've never done any room escapes, can I do these?
Of course, our room escapes are designed for both experienced and novice people. In case you can't advance in the game, you can always ask for clues.
How long do your room escapes last?
The tests themselves are designed to be passed in 80 minutes. But it must be taken into account that 10 minutes will be spent before the start of the game, and 10 minutes after it (now with the health issue of the covid these times can be extended to check that all participants comply with the rules).
In what languages can I escape from the room?
In Catalan, Spanish and English.
Can minors participate?
Can Farigola has 3 versions of the game, which can be chosen at the time of booking: Adults, Kids and families.
The Kids version is for kids from 8 to 12 years old, changing both the story and the objective of the game. And the character of Mr. Farigola's apprentice has been included, to offer a guide and thus reduce the tension.
The family version excludes the monitor/accompanying person from the Kids version.
Tao Japanese Massage Center is designed for everyone and there is no age limit. You can come whoever you want, families, friends, work group, ... in each case the game master will make the necessary adjustments. ... 😉

Is it scary?
It is not a scary game, although the theme at first glance may seem so. There may be a little scare as we combine some scares with jokes.
Does it produce claustrophobia?
Yes, only one of the members will have to perform an action that will require not feeling claustrophobic in small or enclosed spaces.
Can minors come?
NO, Velatoria is a game exclusively for adults, as it may contain, at specific moments in the game, content for adults, such as black humour, political or religious satire, sexual references, etc. Always with the explicit consent of the participants and with the aim of never offending anyone.
Duration: 90 minutes
Languages: Catalan or Spanish
Players: from 6 to 15
The game can be booked on the Velatoria website:
• For home by phone (693 729 998) or by filling in the form.
• To play in the hall you can make the reservation through the calendar in the available hours.

How many people can come to the game?
The teams must be 2 to 7 people maximum. If you were more people, you should book two sessions separately. The main reason is that being a teamwork game, if there are too many players would mean that some of them won't have the chance to do enough puzzles. In this way, everyone participates.

What is the price of the activity?
Adults reservation
  • 2 people = € 60
  • 3 people = € 75
  • 4 people = € 80
  • 5 people = € 90
  • 6 people = € 108
  • 7 people = € 126

Kids reservation
  • 4 children: € 80
  • 5 children: € 100
  • 6 children: € 120
  • 7 children: € 140
  • 8 children: € 160

How do I book?
Log in the booking page on our website Can Farigola Reservation or Reserva Tao, where you can select the day and time zone you want to arrive (between 10: 00h and 22: 00h, divided into 2 hours shift between them). There you must enter personal data and select the number of players on your team (in the case of Can Farigola you will also have to choose what type of game you will play: adults, kids or families). Finally, to complete the process, you will be redirected to Sabadell bank payment platform. Once the payment is made, you will receive an email confirming the reservation.
Can I book by phone or email?
No, the only way to book is through our website Can Farigola Reservation or Reserva Tao, it's the most dynamic option to arrange reservations and know at all times what hours are available.
Can I change the time of my reservation?
Yes. However, you must change it 72 hours before the time you reserved and you will have to communicate it by email or phone.
We have reserved for x people but finally we will be more, what should we do?
There is no problem as long as you don’t exceed the maximum number of 7 participants. People who want to add to the team, will pay in cash once the activity is over.
The day of the activity, do I have to bring the booking confirmation?
No, you will only have to remember your key word, chosen by you at the time of reservation.
What happens if we are late?
Punctuality is very important for us, since we have a programmed reservation system and the delays are detrimental to the other groups. But in Virus, we give you 10 minutes leeway; one exceeded the time it will be subtracted to the time activity until 30 minutes, then the reservation will be cancelled.
What if a player cannot come?
It doesn’t matter, reservations are no named, Just have to find someone to replace the player!

If we are a family, how do we make our team?

Teams must consist of between 2 and 7 people maximum.

In any case (adults, kids or families), you will have to choose the option when booking. We will then prepare the corresponding version of the game. In addition, in the case of Kids, there is the "aprediz" of Mr. Farigola, who accompanies them, and also has to be prepared. In the case of families, there is no need for a companion, because you will all go together.

If you have any further questions you can contact us by e-mail: info@virusroomescape.com

I have an unspecified question on the web
Send an email to info@virusroomescape.com and get back you as soon as possible.

Virus Room Escape - Sanitary Regulations by Covid-19


Virus Room Escape will apply the following regulations in its rooms, complying with the new conditions imposed by Covid-19. These are in addition to the existing ones, which can consult at Policies and Conditions.

Failure to comply with any of these rules will oblige us to terminate the game and expulsion from the team.

At Virus Room Escape we understand that these rules are mandatory, not only for the The aim is not to comply with health regulations, but for the common good of all. And that compliance with the The same does not alter the expectations of the game and, with a little care, we can get back to having fun.

Thanks for your collaboration, we are waiting for you!

Measures for Customers

  • You can't play if you have a fever (+37,5°C) and/or symptoms of Covid-19 are present.
  • Access the premises with the mask and wear it during the game, until you leave the premises.
  • Come with gloves on and don't take them off until you leave the premises.
  • Disinfect your hands with hydroalcoholic gel.
  • Try to keep a safe distance from the game master.
  • Follow all the particular indications of your game master.

Measures for Virus Room Escape

  • icona pot espray desinfectant We disinfect the room using approved disinfectant products.
  • icona ventilació We ventilate the facilities after each session.
  • We manage waste according to legally established protocols.
  • We apply the health protocols. Follow our instructions.
  • The time slot between sessions will be extended to 2:30am, to allow time to disinfect the rooms.

If no mask or gloves are available, they will be provided on site.

Disinfectant gel will be provided before and after the game.

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