rètol fusta Can Farigola

You have been called to carry out a peculiar order; you need a discreet team that has qualities for espionage.

la botiga de Can Farigola

The owners of a small village shop have not received the rent payment from the tenants for more than 2 years. The responsible company is one of the most renowned laboratories in the country and is justified in its non-payment stating that they are waiting for the launch of a new drug. Very soon they will make the deposit, but they, tired of waiting, have tried the legal way without obtaining results and now they have opted for a faster and more efficient method, hiring a specialized group to infiltrate their facilities and disclose the tenants!

Will you make it?

We have prepared 3 versions of the game, depending on what your equipment is like:

Asset 2 ADULTS

Can Farigola adults

Enter an intrepid adventure full of mysteries where not everything is what it seems... be ready to help Mr. Farigola with all the consequences!


Can Farigola family

Mysteries to solve with the whole family! Over 8 years old accompanied by adults can solve all the puzzles of Can Farigola in a version adapted for all audiences.

Asset 4 KIDS

Can Farigola Kids

Birthdays and celebrations, the ideal occasion to come and help Mr. Farigola! Exclusive groups of children (from 8 to 12 years old) will help Mr. Farigola to solve all his headaches, accompanied at all times by his assistant.

Moments of fun guaranteed for the children.


fons verd
Level of Fear (0-5): 2
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Level of Difficulty (0-5):
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Level of Agility (0-5): 2
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Duration: 80 min
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Adapted for handicapped people


icona lògica



icona coneixements



icona capacitat resolutiva


Resolutive capacity

icona agilitat física



icona treball en equip



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Put yourself to the test!

Choose your team and accept the Mission.

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Who will be your teammates for the mission?


Bring your team between 2 and 7 people


Have a great time with siblings, cousins, uncles, grandparents!


A romantic moment ... or not


Finish the hardest workdays with those who accompany you in jour day

With the in-laws

If you like them, or not


Come with whoever you want!

Sr. Farigola amb el seu gos

Bring your dog

Have a good time with your best friend

Scoobydoo amb care de circumstàncies


If your pet accompanies you, you must take into account that the tension level of the game will be reduced.

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Make your Reservation

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Steps to book:

  1. Choose the date and time you want to come (the green ones are available)
  2. Choose the number of people that draft your team
  3. Check the box if you want to give a session in "Can Farigola" (undated)
  4. Finally, if you have a promotional code, it's time to enter it

Booking calendar for groups of adults, families & Kids for Can Farigola

Choose the type of group when making the reservation.

Virus Room Escape - Sanitary Regulations by Covid-19


Virus Room Escape will apply the following regulations in its rooms, complying with the new conditions imposed by Covid-19. These are in addition to the existing ones, which can consult at Policies and Conditions.

Failure to comply with any of these rules will oblige us to terminate the game and expulsion from the team.

At Virus Room Escape we understand that these rules are mandatory, not only for the The aim is not to comply with health regulations, but for the common good of all. And that compliance with the The same does not alter the expectations of the game and, with a little care, we can get back to having fun.

Thanks for your collaboration, we are waiting for you!

Measures for Customers

  • You can't play if you have a fever (+37,5°C) and/or symptoms of Covid-19 are present.
  • Access the premises with the mask and wear it during the game, until you leave the premises.
  • Disinfect your hands with hydroalcoholic gel.
  • Try to keep a safe distance from the game master.
  • Follow all the particular indications of your game master.

Measures for Virus Room Escape

  • icona pot espray desinfectant We disinfect the room using approved disinfectant products.
  • icona ventilació We ventilate the facilities after each session.
  • We manage waste according to legally established protocols.
  • We apply the health protocols. Follow our instructions.
  • The time slot between sessions will be extended to 2:30am, to allow time to disinfect the rooms.

If no mask are available, they will be provided on site.

Disinfectant gel will be provided before and after the game.

Come and play with us!

A way to have a good time with your group, your pet and your wit.

Take advantage of the day in Arenys. Enjoy a good walk along the beach, a delicious meal, and ... a good game!

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